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Zibo Hui Bao Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in business accumulated and beautiful Zibo High-tech Zone. It is an enterprise engaged in transportation, selling and export of chemicals, such as, Acetonitrile, Chloromethane, Glyoxal, Propylene oxide, Ethylic acid, acetic anhydride, Vinyl acetate, Methanoic acid, Methyl formate, Dimethyl sulfoxide, Propionic acid, Acrylic acid, Methyl benzene, Formamide, Thionyl chloride, Tetrahydrofuran, Ethylamine, Diethylamine, Triethylamine, Dichloromethane, Trichloromethane, Cyclohexanone, Benzyl Chloride, Dichloroethane, Tert-Butylamine, DAC, DMC and etc. Our company is in Zibo Economic Development Zone. It is important transportation junction. There is Qing-Yin, Bo-Lai highway nearby. And it is within 280km to Qingdao harbor and 80km to Jinan Airport. We always can meet customer demands of timeliness due to these advantages. Since establishment, we keep the principle of “sincere service and keep improving”. We will serve new and old customers with wholehearted service every day.

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